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Parade of the Lunar Revel - League of Legends by ffSade

I feel bad because I don't want you to think I'm just feeding you 5 stars or anything (feeders gg), but I legit really like this xD
I really like how the style is unique (to be honest, it kind of reminds me of Suzuhito Yasuda's work but it still has that nice personal touch). I really like how you took champions who don't have Lunar Revel-like skins and just invented your own to incorporate them (and I appreciate the incorporation of Urf). I want to know what they're looking at, they're all looking in different directions it seems. Like, Lux, Garen, and Annie (there are plenty more who are doing this, but this is just to name a few) are looking forward, Twitch is looking up (like, at the moon or the fireworks?), and Talon is just looking down. I don't have a problem with this, but it's just something I wanted to bring up. I like how their expressions reflect their character, as well. You really squeezed everyone in there, too. It's almost like "Where's Waldo" with League Champs (I don't know if I'm just blind or whatever, but it took me a while to see Heimerdinger and Shyvana, who's a giant dragon anyway). I just love the meticulous details in this with not only the effort put into the outfits (just wondering, why is Urf holding a spatula? xD), but also in the moon and in the clouds (I can't create good-looking clouds for the life of me so I have to commend you on these). It definitely has this Lunar New Year vibe to it and I absolutely love it. Sorry for the wall of text, I just wanted to get everything out. Nice work :D
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